knot and trre


Summary of project as it was presented in 2018

The two links below will take you to the details of the two different events that this installation was presented at during the summer of 2018.

Nuit Blanche North in Huntsville, Ontario on July 28, and

Electric Eclectics in Meaford, Ontario from August 3 to 5th



On this page, however, you will find a complete description of the 2018 project itself.






a brief summary:







full summary:









images – stills:

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composition playback:

This is after a recording has been made, I can mix all of the different modes freely to create an animated composition. The different modes are described in detail below.







an example of a collective re-mix – the kind of composition that participants will hear while using the sensors during an event:






and this is the original composition from which all of the source samples were drawn:







audio album – a compilation of all of the material generated by this installation









what follows is a comparison between the modes of two different recordings. Each of these modes are different interpretations, different visualizations/sonifications of the data generated by participants when they are activating the sensors.

the first recording was taken at Electric Eclectics on August 5, at 10:23pm and the second was taken at my apartment in Toronto on February 11 at 12:37pm.
















vertices, edges, tree: